A baptism is one of life’s most sacred events. It’s when one openly declares that they are going to live a life following Jesus. There is no more important statement then that.

For Armenians, the opportunity to have your baptism in Armenia takes on an added dimension. Ultimately, God doesn’t care where we are baptized, but for many, the chance to be baptized in the homeland is a dream they would love to fulfill someday. For Armenian Apostolics, that might mean being baptized in Echmiadzin. For Armenian Protestants that might mean being baptized in Lake Sevan. For Armenian Catholics, that might mean being baptized in Gyumri or even Javakh.

Whatever your dream surrounding your baptism in Armenia, Armine and her team of Dream Managers specialize in helping you realize. We take care of all the details, so you can focus on celebrating this tremendous day with the ones you love.

Baptism in Armenia