Being baptised is often just a ½-day event and then it’s over. But if you are coming from overseas to Armenia for the event, why just limit it to a single day?

That’s where we come in! Armine and her team can help add to the wonder of an Armenian baptism by offering baptism tours in Armenia.
What could be more romantic then, say a whole week of celebration throughout Armenia with your baptism party, in the lead-up to the day itself?!

We create these magical experiences in conjunction with our sister companies, Amistad Tour and Old World Wine Tours:

•     Amistad Tour is one of the oldest and largest tour operators in the Caucasus, and as such can provide our guests with unique and unrivalled access to incredible cultural, religious, and nature experiences in Armenia and Georgia.

•     Old World Wine Tours is the region’s first wine tour company focused exclusively on premium wineries in Armenia and Georgia. They uncover for connoisseurs and foodies the glory of Armenian and Georgian wine and cuisine in the birthplace of wine.

Baptism Tours