Planning a spectacular wedding in Armenia isn’t only about the church, the reception, the food, or the music that go into making your special day a once-in-a-lifetime experience. No, great weddings are a symphony of tiny details that must all come together in a brief, 12-14 hour period and work flawlessly together.

This is difficult in any case, but in Armenia this is even more challenging. Which is where Armine Adamyan and her team come in. Well-known in Armenia for organizing highly personalized events for everyone from famous personalities to Spanish royalty, Armine knows how to work within the Armenian context to create a world-class experience.

Our clients look to us to develop a dream with them, and then organize that and orchestrate that dream on the day, down to the minute, while still leaving room for the magic of spontaneity.

We do this by working with only the very best partners available in Armenia. From deep connections in the Holy See that make weddings in otherwise difficult to arrange churches possible, to a portfolio of the best caterers, photographers, and musicians available, to the imagination, chutzpah, and organizational capacity to pull off receptions in dramatic and unique locations, we work with you to arrange every aspect of your wedding day and ensure it is executed flawlessly.

Request a proposal today and start planning your dream wedding in Armenia!

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