Planning a baptism is inherently different than planning a wedding. In many ways the event is less flashy and more sacred. It’s the day you or your loved one declares that they have decided to follow Jesus. There is no more important statement in life.

That said, planning a meaningful baptism in Armenia follows roughly the same process as planning a wedding, although it can generally be pulled together much more quickly as the sheer volume of details and the number of guests involved are significantly less than with a wedding.

Our planning process starts and ends with you and your dreams, but we’ve found that can take some work to actually discover what those dreams are. Which is why the first step in our process is something we call a Dream Session. Lasting anywhere from 1.5-2 hours, our Dream Sessions are incredibly exciting brainstorming workshops in which we focus on uncovering exactly what kind of experience you want to create with your baptism in Armenia.

In a Dream Session we explore every potential aspect of your baptism including:

• Armenian baptism traditions v. Western baptism traditions
• The week leading up to your wedding
• The type of atmosphere you want to create during the service and at the reception
• The sacred service
  -  Location
  -  Priestly duties
  -  Music
  -  Photography/Videography
• The reception
  -  Location
  -  Food and drink
  -  Cake
  -  Tamada and ceremony
  -  Music and dancing
  -  Flowers and decoration
  -  Photography/Videography
• Care for your party
• Budget realities

The second step in the process of planning your baptism in Armenia is something we call Dream Planning. It’s where we go away and process all of the dreams you’ve given us and turn them into a multi-dimensional proposal that includes options for you to choose from regarding every detail.

Once you’ve received your Dream Plan, given us feedback, and agreed our adjustments, the real work of turning your dream into a reality begins. This third stage we call Dream Into Action and depending on how extravagant your dreams are, this can take anywhere from a few weeks to many months. You will be assigned a personal Dream Manager who will will keep you updated with weekly emails and/or calls about the status of your dream baptism.

Finally, the day (or if it is a baptism tour, the week) arrives and we move into a mode we call Living the Dream. Your Dream Manager and an extended support staff welcome your baptism party in Armenia and from that moment on insure that your every need is taken care of and that your dreams are realized just as you planned them in the beginning. Our goal is that on the day of your baptism, you can focus on the only thing that is really important – the sacred decision that is being made and celebrating that decision with the ones you love.

Our Process